Tips For New Players

After roleplaying for a while I have encountered several tendencies that prevent players from fully enjoying this experience. Here I list a few tips that will surely ease the new player’s impression of RPG gaming:

  1. No one can say anything wrong in a role-playing game. There is no wrong or right answer or decision – unlike in life. That’s why we call this a game.
  2. Forget feeling fear. You are going to appear foolish at some point in the game. Just accept that this is part of being entertaining and being entertained from play. Relax.
  3. Give yourself permission to laugh and enjoy yourself in the company of the other players.
  4. The game is not a competition. It is a social, shared and collaborative experience.
  5. Ask the DM.
  6. Tell the DM.
  7. Fruit and snacks that can be served in a big communal bowl is the best at table snack.
  8. Be descriptive. Do not rely on jargon. Applying a “Bull Rush Feat” is not the same as running full-tilt at an opponent, hitting him at the hip and taking him 10 feet backward to the floor or off the cliff….
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